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What would the earth be without sound?

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The human voice is a musical instrument.  Stringed instruments are closest in resembling the human voice, so voices and stringed instruments sound beautiful together.  Learning to sing and play the guitar is fun and exciting to learn, and is truly an adventure, where the journey never ends for you are always learning and being challenged.  With practice and time, it is a wonderful experience to hear the music you create and you can take your guitar and voice with you anywhere.   

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Growing up in the Atlantic Northeast, the ocean was the greatest inspiration for singing and songwriting starting in childhood.  Being a singer and songwriter most of her life, Donna has a great love for music, lyrics and meaning, and composition.  She loves to share her knowledge and experience to help artists sing their best, coach creative writing and composition, teach individuals to embrace and enhance their unique qualities, and become very skillful and technical in their art.  

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