You can make a difference in this world with your voice, your music. 

See where the music takes you.  Music is for everyone and brings people together.  Music is a freedom of expression, a great healer, and it helps us embrace who we are and connect with those around us.  Learn from an experienced instructor who is also an artist and songwriter.  Donna values your uniqueness and will help you discover, develop, and honor your true voice, help you expand your vocal range, and sing your best.  She will teach you how to use the guitar to accompany your voice.  As you grow in your skill, you will find that you can take your artistry, and make positive contributions to your family, friends, and beyond.  It is a constant life changing experience, and it is super fun!   Complete the form below and Donna will get back to you right away via telephone and will talk to you directly with more information, and answer any questions you may have.  In addition, feel free to call her anytime at 781-733-3310.  Please leave a detailed message with your name and town, interest in voice and/or guitar or other reason, and your phone number, and she will get right back to you.