Guitar and Voice Instruction

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Breathing and scale exercises, breath support and control, stretching, placement techniques, range expansion and power, articulation, expression, tone, and dynamics. Natural voice techniques with each level taught safely, building a strong and balanced foundation for singers of all ages and skill.  Advancing to more extensive study in breathing, toning, placement, scales, etc.   All styles, popular to classical.  Lesson Time: 45 minutes

This is great for any individual at any age.  Whether you are interested in acoustic performance, singer / songwriters, band members, those who want to sing songs around the campfire (or other events, gatherings, open mikes, etc...) with family and friends, or anyone who is interested in the infinite, creative place singing and playing guitar can bring to you, and the calming peace it can give you.   This is a specialized combination of voice and guitar instruction, beginner to intermediate level.   Instruction includes breathing, articulation, and placement techniques balanced with playing guitar, customized scales to develop and expand range, dynamics, keys, transposing, beginner guitar notation / theory, chords, tablature, picking and strumming techniques and styles, composition, balancing, etc. Individually customized in combination together for fantastic results. Lesson Time: 45 minutes


Beginner Guitar or Ukulele:  Donna specializes in beginner guitar, because she still consider herself a beginner!  Notation, theory, chords, tablature, picking and strumming techniques and styles.  Learn your favorite songs!  Compose originals.  Have fun learning.   Studio.  Lesson Time: 45 minutes


Beginner to Intermediate Level Piano offered now with an AMAZING piano instructor at my studio or your home. Please inquire for details. Donna teaches beginner piano as well if you are interested.


LOCATION - STUDIO - Donna's new private studio is now available on the south shore in Kingston, Massachusetts. Space is limited at the studio and are by appointment only. Guitar and Voice Instruction started at home in Scituate Massachusetts and continued to grow, renting studio space for over 15 years in Hanover, Pembroke, Duxbury, and now Kingston, Massachusetts.

REGULAR RATE AND TIME - Regular rate for lessons - $75

DISCOUNTS - 12 Lessons (3 months) Discounted to $60 per lesson. Studio. All 12 lessons must be taken within 90 days. Yearly signup gives the highest discount: 48 Lessons (12 months) Discounted to $50 per lesson. Studio. All 48 lessons must be taken within 365 days

VETERANS - 50% Discount off regular rate for all Veterans and those serving in the United States Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps. Also all Police, Firefighters, and first responders.

CONTACT - Please complete the contact form below.  Call Donna the instructor at 781-733-3310 if you have any questions.

PAYMENT - Check or cash.  Most pay by check.  Lessons are paid in advance before lessons begin.

RESERVING A WEEKLY TIME - All students will have a set, weekly time for their lessons that works best for everyone.  

WHEN - Lessons are offered weekday afternoons, early evenings. Space is limited.

CALENDAR - Lessons are taught year round, except on Federal Holidays, and from December 20th until January 3rd.

LIMITED SPACE - There are only so many hours during the week for lessons, especially when traveling.  When times are booked, you are contacted right away and put on a list and will be called as soon as the best time opens for you.

SPECIAL GIFT - Refer a friend interested in voice or beginner guitar who books and pays for 12 lessons.  Please let me know name of referral.

PERFORMANCES:  Donna wants you to be your BEST!  If you are auditioning or preparing for a professional VOCAL performance, please let her know this immediately, as this will take priority. She will want to practice your performance pieces at a separate time however, this is not mandatory. Donna understands how schedules can be so busy it is impossible. However, it is preferred that performance pieces are practiced at a separate time from voice instruction . . . if possible! It is very important to practice many times over many weeks or months to achieve the greatest result. Donna will work with you on ANY SONG in any language or style that you need to work on for a performance.

INSTRUCTOR - You will be studying with a nice, down to earth person who loves music, and has been a singer and songwriter most of her life, also a guitarist. Donna is someone who will honor your uniqueness and your musical style in voice, guitar and songwriting. She will help you progress, and will do her very best to help you achieve your goals.  To learn more, please click here.

TESTIMONIALS: Current or prior students:  Please feel free to send your testimonial via the contact form here!

TRAVEL - My studio in Kingston, MA mainly, or to your home.  See locations below.

HOME LESSONS - Home lessons are offered to a limited number of students for guitar only. Please contact Donna if you are interested in home instruction by completing the form below with details.

CANCELLATIONS - You may cancel lessons at any time, for any reason. You do not need to give a reason, as your business is yours. All that is asked of you is that you contact Donna before the lesson and she gets back to you to confirm.

NO SHOWS / CONTACT: Usually there are no refunds for no shows, as another lesson could have been booked, however, sometimes this can be rescheduled, so just call. When phone calls, texts, and/or emails are not returned for 30 days, there are no refunds, however, still contact Donna as soon as you can, even after this time, as if there was an important reason, lessons can be rescheduled.

REFUNDS - "Refunds would be given to anyone who is not 100% satisfied if they asked, however in all my years of teaching, no one ever has.  I have been blessed to work with amazing people and adore each and every student I have ever worked with and their families.  I am eternally grateful to have met everyone I have ever worked with.   Please do to not hesitate to call me anytime at 781-733-3310 if you are not satisfied for any reason, even if it has been a long time.  I would be glad to talk to you.  I want everyone I work with to feel they got the very best and more.  Keep in mind, it takes time to develop your voice and guitar skills. You have to make a commitment with weekly lessons, daily practice, and desire to excel for results to occur. I practice every day myself and I am always learning and developing my skills. Thank you and again, call anytime!!!" - Donna

LOCATIONS:  Donna can travel to your home or other location if home lessons are available.  Guitar and voice lessons can be taught just about anywhere!   Currently lessons are taught mainly in Massachusetts, The South Shore, Cape Cod, Central and Western Mass, Boston, North Shore, and the Lakes region in New Hamphsire.  On the South Shore in Massachusetts, guitar and voice lessons are offered in local towns inclusive to: Scituate, North Scituate, Cohasset, North Cohasset, Marshfield, Marshfield Hills, North Marshfield, Humarock, Minot, Duxbury, South Duxbury, North Duxbury, Hingham, West Hingham, South Hingham, Kingston, Plymouth, North Plymouth, Manomet, Pembroke, North Pembroke, Bryantville, Whitman, Hanover, West Hanover, Hanson, Northville, Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, Plympton, Monponsett, Rocky Nook, Carver, East Carver, Vallersville, Ellisville, Bourne, Bournedale, White Island Shores, Ocean Bluff, Brant Rock, Green Harbor, Weymouth, Quincy, and Braintree, Wellingsely, Chiltonville, Falmouth, Weymouth, Hull, Jabez Corner and many other local towns.

Voice and acoustic guitar. Call for details or go to

PLEASE COMPLETE CONTACT FORM BELOW.  Donna will get back to you right away!